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Custom Formulated Lipgloss

Custom Formulated Lipgloss

In our downtown makeup studio working alongside one of our professional makeup artists you can use your inspiration to create the custom makeup products for the perfect look. We encourage everyone to arrive with their own ideas and inspirations, such as a photo or a colour swatch. If you are not sure what colour you would like our professionally trained makeup artists are there to help, and together they will help you find the ideal colour, starting from cool and warm pigments, taking account of your skin tone, current trends and seasonality.  If you have a special event outfit or a particular nail polish, this is always a great way to get inspired.

The process starts with a short questionnaire which help us to get to know you and what you want to achieve from your new custom formulated lip products. Your specially trained professional makeup artist will then invite you into a private makeup studio where you begin by choosing your desired texture. You can choose from a Matte, Cream, Velvet, and even a Vegan lipstick base. We can also custom-formulate lipgloss if you like to layer or even have it on its own. Our professional makeup artists are specially trained on how to understand exactly what your looking for, and how to mix our custom colour pigments together to get the exact tone to match your desire. They can of course also offer suggestions and advice on the perfect colour to match a favourite outfit or to suit your desired look.  We blend your colour creation using our scientific magnetic heating-stirring system and you can even choose to add a fragrance/flavour, as well as any frosting you would like. Its as easy as one two, three...

1. Choose your Base

Cream, Matte, Velvet, Vegan, Lipgloss

2. Create your Colour

Peach, Pink, Raspberry, Coral, Papaya, Fireball, Scarlet, Rustic, Magnenta, Cherry, Shiraz, Blackberry, Brown, White, Blue, Yellow, Black

3. Select your Fragrance and frosting

Vanilla, Chocolate, Peaches, Coconut, Crème de Menthe, Strawberry, Cupcake

Once you are happy with your colour your new lipstick is mixed by a magnetic heating stirring device which blends all the ingredients together until it is one mixture. After the mixing process is complete your lipstick is ready to be molded.

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