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Personalised Custom Cosmetics means creating cosmetics specifically for you which match your skin tone, colouring, skin type, skin texture, preference and personal desires. We create new cosmetics based around sensitivities and allergies as well. Everyone in life is unique so why should we feel the need to try and find our perfect match from choices on a shelf. Custom solves this problem because custom is made just for you.

Its simple. You come to one of our locations and fill out a simple introductory form, use our makeup app that virtually tries colours on you then decide what you would like to create. Everything is possible with our custom cosmetics systems. We can create more then 10 million shades in store. For example, maybe you have struggled finding your perfect nude and want it in a matte lipstick. At AmandaSteene we create colours on a one on one basis that never existed before. Our foundation system is a liquid mineral base that we can customize with three different textures such as matte, hydrating, and clarifying. When customizing a foundation we work with your skins needs by adding in skin enhancers, toners, and creating the coverage you are looking for all the way from a tinted moisturizer to ultra matte full coverage. 

Then we fulfill your dreams. By getting to know what you like and dislike we start the process with you in our store by mixing your choice of pigments to find the product that is perfect for you. There are no limitations. And the great thing about it is you leave with your products and your new look the same day. With our custom lipstick creation you even get to name your finished lipstick product. This gets added to the database on our website for everyone to order. Become the celebrity and let your friends order your personally designed lipstick. 

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Create your own lipstick




In our downtown Burlington Boutique Store working with one of our professional Beauty Mixologists we take inspiration from you to create you're custom makeup products.  We use an app that virtually tries colours on you or if you have a photo, or a colour swatch we can take inspiration from that as well. If you are not sure what colour you would like our professionally trained Beauty Mixologist are there to help, and together they will help you find the ideal colour, starting from cool and warm pigments, taking account of your skin tone, current trends and seasonality.  If you have a special event outfit or a particular nail polish, or other item then we can always create your product to complement your colour story.

The process starts with a short questionnaire which help us to get to know you and what you want to achieve from your new custom formulated lip products. Your specially trained professional makeup artist will then invite you into a private makeup studio where you begin by choosing your desired texture. You can choose from a Matte, Cream, Velvet, and even a Vegan lipstick base. We can also custom-formulate lipgloss if you like to layer or even have it on its own. Our professional makeup artists are specially trained on how to understand exactly what your looking for, and how to mix our custom colour pigments together to get the exact tone to match your desire. They can of course also offer suggestions and advice on the perfect colour to match a favourite outfit or to suit your desired look.  We blend your colour creation using our scientific magnetic heating-stirring system and you can even choose to add a fragrance/flavour, as well as any frosting you would like. Its as easy as one two, three...

1. Choose your Base

Choose from a Cream, Matte, Velvet, Vegan, or even Lipgloss base for your custom lip product.

2. Create your Colour

We will create your perfect custom colour by blending from our range of pigments including: Peach, Pink, Raspberry, Coral, Papaya, Fireball, Scarlet, Rustic, Magnenta, Cherry, Shiraz, Blackberry, Brown, White, Blue, Yellow, Black

3. Select your Flavour and even add Shimmer or Sparkle

Choose from our range of flavours including Vanilla, Chocolate, Peaches, Coconut, Peppermint, Strawberry, Cupcake, Sangria, and many more

3. Make you Custom Lipstick

Once you are happy with your colour your new lipstick is mixed by a magnetic heating stirring device which blends all the ingredients together until it is one mixture. After the mixing process is complete your lipstick is ready to be molded.


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Finally Perfect Foundation


We want to welcome you to The Evolution of Makeup. Custom Foundation is truly magical and you are going to wish you discovered it sooner. We start the process with a consultation to understand your ideal finish. You will complete a client form detailing current products you like and use, and any allergies or concerns. This will help us to create your perfect formula, customized for your unique skin type, skin tone, and desired coverage and finish. 

1. With our mineral bases we start by choosing a desired finish.

Choose from- Mattifying, Clarifying, Hydrating, 

2. Colour Testing Begins

We begin by testing 3 colours. Each colour has a different undertone. Once we determine that its time to blend. Every colour can be mixed to create all shades. 

3. Skin care enhancers are added?

Beauty Balm, Primer, Ultra Matte, Hydrator, Thinning agent, Illuminator, Oil control

4. Do you need toner? 

Pink, Blue, Yellow, Yellow-brown, Blue-red, Yellow-red, Purple, Green, White, Black


Once all the detective work is done and mixing has begun we take time to test and blend until we get to the exact colour that blends down from your cheeks to your jaw and neck. We wait 30 seconds to let the colour set, once it blends it should not be noticeable besides flawless skin with a seemingly perfect veil. Even if its full coverage it will disappear when it’s the right colour and give an even complection. The foundation made for you is recorded by measurements and can be re-created when ever youre ready.



Whats in it? 

Hydrating base

  • Talc free & fragrance free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Calendula & Cornflower extracts have antibacterial properties
  • Linden Extract & Vitamin E (antioxidants)
  • Roman Chamomile & German Chamomile extracts which are soothing to skin (anti-irritants)
  • Contains Jojoba Oil which is an emollient and closest to skin’s natural emollients
  • Contains St. John’s Wort (restoration)


Clarifying Base

  • Talc-free, fragrance-free & oil free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Kaolin (French clay) which absorbs oil
  • Calendula & cornflower extracts have antibacterial properties
  • Chamomile & German chamomile extracts are soothing to skin (anti-irritants)
  • Linden extract & Vitamin E (antioxidants)
  • St. John’s Wort (restorative)


Mattifying Base

  • Talc free & fragrance free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Gingko biloba extract improves cell energy
  • Lady’s Mantle extract, an anti-inflammatory
  • Horsetail extract rebuilds collagen fibers, rich in minerals
  • Milk Thistle extract helps maintain elastic fibers
  • Kaolin (French clay) absorbs oil



  • Paraben Free
  • Pure colors create more natural looking skin tones without a chalky effect.


Oil Control

  • Cucumber Extract is calming and soothing to the skin.
  • Lemongrass extract is an astringent & antibacterial
  • Horsetail Extract this helps eliminate oil and accelerate the healing process of the skin.


Firming Agent

  • Immediate firming and tightening “flash” effect that will last throughout the day
  • Contains soy protein for firming, tightening, softening and smoothing



  • Sodium PCA helps skin retain moisture
  • Dimethicone locks in moisture while providing a “slip” texture
  • Antioxidant Vitamin E helps prevent environmental stress



  • Pure Micas and pigments create the illuminating glow
  • Kaolin (French clay) absorbs oil
  • Antioxidant Vitamin E helps prevent environmental stress



  • Oil free
  • Fragrance free
  • 28% pigment creates full coverage


Ultra Matte

  • Used as an enhancer to our clarifying and enriched bases.
  • Gives the foundation a powder finish.
  • This ingredient works well with very oily skin.
  • Kaolin (French Clay) which absorbs oil
  • Magnesium aluminum silicate which has thickening and absorbing properties 


Beauty Balm

  •  Moisturiser and primer all in one



  • Sodium PCA which is a natural occurring component of human skin that’s responsible for its moisture binding capacities


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