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Our Philosophy

At AmandaSteene Cosmetics we believe you are unique and your makeup should be too! We help you find your perfect colour, not based on what large brands tell you are right for you but imagine... foundation that matches your own skin, lipstick that is a shade and texture you choose as perfect, made using quality, clean ingredients. Colour has a personality of its own and we will help you find your ideal match. Also, we are Peta-approved, cruelty-free and offer completely vegan options for you to choose. 

Our Vision

We are turning the beauty industry upside down by putting individuals first, and giving each person ultimate choice when choosing the right product for them. We believe this is the future of the cosmetics industry!! Our vision is to disrupt this $550billion industry by putting the power to choose in the hands of the person buying cosmetics.  

About Me

I grew up in the honeymoon capital of the world, Niagara Falls. From a young age, I knew I wanted to make a difference in people's lives -- I just didn't know how that would manifest yet. As a young girl I loved colour, everything in my life had to be bright and I always borrowed my mother's makeup to experiment. In my twenties, I decided to make my passion for makeup my profession. I travelled the world as a freelance makeup artist, working with many international clients and meeting thousands of talented and wonderful people. My career has taken me to remote photoshoots, grand special events, indie films, popular music videos, and I've had the pleasure of working in the wedding industry sharing with many brides their most special day.

Over the years I noticed that I had to blend different foundations together to try and get a close match for all skin tones and types. But, that was never something a client could replicate themselves, and never anything they could find in a store. This struggle has been a positive inspiration for me. I became committed to build a company to allow anyone to have perfect cosmetics -- specially made for them. 

...AmandaSteene Cosmetics was born. 

Our Services

From our location in Burlington, Ontario, we custom make natural cosmetics to suit every individual's needs and wants. Today we customize lipstick, lip gloss, mineral liquid foundation and concealer, and skincare. Next up we will be adding custom eye-shadow, custom pressed powders! 

Our on-site makeup artists and mixologists offer makeup trials, makeup application, and makeup lessons. Bring in your discontinued lipstick samples for us to analyze the colour, texture and pigment coverage. We can re-create the lipstick you love most -- or make it event better!! 

Never forget -- you are unique, and your makeup should be too!


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